We love cars, it is a bond shared with many enthusiasts across the U.S., whether that love is for domestic cars, Japanese cars, European cars or Korean cars.  In Chicago, the surrounding suburbs and the midwest region in general, this love of cars can be a tough thing.  With long, cold and snowy winters featuring a constant assault of road salt on our precious rides, keeping them clean and free of rust is a real challenge.  Pothole filled streets in various states of repair and disrepair, frequently snarled with traffic, are all elements that do not necessarily lend to enjoying your car.  However, with that true sense of midwestern grit, we soldier on, displaying proudly at car shows, racing at the track or autocross, and ever tinkering and modifying our beloved machines.  The goal of Chicago Car Life is to support the local enthusiast communities through extensive coverage and promotion of events in the region through our blog, as well as the sale of aftermarket parts and car care products.