Wekfest Chicago 2018 (Part 2) Posted on 23 May 16:14 , 0 comments

      Wekfest is only a blur in my memory at this point.  I saw most of the show almost entirely through the viewfinder of my camera it seems.  I can tell you, I ended up pretty well worn out at the end of that afternoon, having walked probably the equivalent of about 5 miles within that Navy Pier hall, including countless "squats" as I adjust to get a different perspective on my shots.  I ended up with more shots than I typically end a day at any show, and I also made plenty of mistakes.  I screwed up exposures, mis-focused shots, some shots I deferred on but never remembered to go back and re-shoot.  It was rough, but a good reminder that I still have so much to learn, and plenty of mistakes to glean new lessons from.  All that said, it really was an exemplary show this year, the fact that I was overwhelmed at least partly because there was so much that was photo worthy, speaks volumes to the quality of the show.  After many hours of editing photos into the wee hours of the night, hopefully I have been able to deliver a half way decent account of the event.  Thanks again as always for following and reading the blog!

If you missed the first part of this show coverage, just hit the link here for part 1!   


-photos and writing: Robert Sixto