In my previous post, I had several parts awaiting install on the Mazdaspeed 6, including the Corksport rear engine mount.  I had considered installing this mount along with the other suspension arms and differential mount that I have on hand, but reconsidered.  I happened to be doing my oil change anyway, and the mount is fairly easy and accessible, so I decided to install it alone.  I also figured, adding the parts in more gradual stages would better reveal which components eliminate which issue.  This piecemeal approach will quickly change, as I rush to get the car prepped for an upcoming track day, fingers crossed.

The CorkSport rear motor mount has lived up to their tag line, "full of win"


  I must admit, the results of the new mount were quite surprising.  One of my concerns was my high flow downpipe rubbing under hard acceleration intermittently.  Having replaced both the transmission and passenger side mount already, this rear motor mount was the last component that had any considerable wear on it.  The install of the new rear motor mount, seems to have alleviated the issue completely.  As such, I can now disclose the downpipe I have is also made by CorkSport, which I did not want to initially say, for fear of unfairly marring the reputation of the part's quality.  After putting some mileage on the car with the new mount in place, I can say with complete confidence the downpipe adds great performance, but also fits perfectly.  It is clear the downpipe and the rear mount were designed with the other in mind, as the clearances and tolerances are now perfect.

  I can happily report that the the jerky sensation under acceleration and deceleration that plagued the car with the original factory mount, is completely resolved.  With the new Corksport mount, throttle response seems considerably more immediate and smooth.  The best part though; while the Corksport rear motor mount appears more aggressive and more rigid this has not translated into an increase in noise or vibration.  Actually, it seems just the contrary, the vibration is considerably less than with the my worn mount.   I can also say the Corksport mount transmits less vibration and noise than the CP-e mount that I have had in the past as well.  I suspect a key design difference is the way the bushing wraps around the metal body of the mount, better insulating the cabin from an increase in vibration and noise.  The CP-e mount, while stout indeed, differed in this regard, having metal to metal contact where the bolt sleeves meet the subframe and transmission respectively.  The only thing in question for now, is the longevity of the Corksport piece, which can only be discovered with time.  If everything else goes as planned, I will be putting the mount to the test on the track in the near future.

  In short, the Corksport rear motor mount is a keeper!  While no means a definitive comparison, I have now had experience with the OE mount, the CP-e mount and the Corksport mount.  Of the three I can say the Corksport is easily the winner in my opinion.  The biggest take away from this though, is how much of a weak link this component is, and how great an impact it has on the driveability of the car.  It surprised me that it bears so much of the strain, even with completely new mounts all around it.  For anyone that owns a Mazdaspeed6, or even it's little brother the Mazdaspeed3, this component really is a must have, and with the Corksport mount, there really is little downside in terms of noise/comfort.  I am eager to see the improvement the rear differential mount brings, and will check in with details in the future.  Thanks for reading!


-writing and photos: Robert Sixto