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The ultimate premium quick detailer spray.  Use final finish as maintenance item, cleaning away fine dust while adding another protective layer to your paint surface.  I found that Dr. Beasley's final finish is equally as effective as other name brand quick detailer sprays, but feels lighter and wipes clean easier than any other that I have tried.  This makes it super quick and easy to retain/restore clean deep shine to your paint.  As an added bonus, it has  a pleasant smell!  As with most Dr. Beasley's products, Final Finish does not have any harsh or hazardous chemicals.  It is often overlooked, but when you are misting cleaners into the air, you want to make sure you aren't inhaling poison!  Use in between applications of Plasma Coat and/or Ivory Wax, to maintain showroom shine.  As with all our products, shipping is free to continental U.S.!