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Paint sealants like Dr. Beasley's Plasma Coat or Formula 1201 work wonders and are incredibly durable, but some people love the deep warm finish of a traditional wax.  Dr. Beasley's Ivory Carnuba Wax is a modern version of an old fashioned wax.  Dr. Beasley's has delivered one of the finest traditional carnuba waxes available today. While you can use this as your only paint protection, I personally like to use this over either Plasma Coat or Formula 1201, as it gives you the best of both worlds; incredibly durable protection and a truly decadent finish.  This 8oz. container is Dr. Beasley's paste version of the wax, as such it will last quite a while, providing you with enough to use for many coats over time.  As is the case with many of Dr. Beasley's products, even in paste form this wax goes on and wipes away quite easily.  The shine left behind is breathtaking, adding even more depth to the paint and fitting for everything from daily driver protection to concours show quality.  We also have a liquid version, for ease of use with machine application.